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Senior and Assisted Living facilities, like retirement homes, nursing homes, convalescent hospital, home care facilities or daycare adult centers, are in need for an aging population.  At the design stage, whether the project involves a new or existing building, we work with ADA and other safety regulations to prepare a welcoming and safe environment for seniors and/or infirmed residents.  These facilities usually include an open courtyard with appealing and safe landscaping and hardscaping, indoor pool, exercise room, elevator if applicable, central kitchens and dining halls.  The debate in Congress over healthcare is how to reduce costs and still provide for the needs of the clients.  Depending on the mobility of the occupants, designs for living quarters can range from apartment style housing to smaller units with special care in the premises for the occupant’s comfort.

Medical buildings and other care facilities require all necessary upgrades to comply with project parameters and applicable regulations.  AWIN ENTERPRISES has worked with clients to facilitate interior design for all medical equipment needs and to provide the required electrical and mechanical engineering.

Early involvement with the design parameters has led to better cash flow projections and tenant service level estimates reducing operating uncertainties.  Using BIM for a project increases facilities management efficiency and effectiveness, upon which these types of projects rely.