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Bringing forth what has been conceived of, planned for, and properly funded is a joy to all involved.  As general contractors and project managers, AWIN ENTERPRISES, manages a project’s labor and materials supply chain to ensure on-time delivery.  Courteous and responsible workers turn concept into reality.

We have been in this industry for decades and listen to what clients want.  It makes our communication more collaborative and fruitful.  Our experience with the many licensed trades allow us to understand where and when problems might arise and plan for alternatives to keep the project rolling along.  Consideration of client resources, budget constraints, construction timelines, and other factors lead regular decisions.  Different ways to work and schedule along the project’s critical path are explored using Building conception Information with Modeling (BIM) to safely achieve the best quality within budget and risk tolerances.  The BIM process works well to integrate a project and prepare it for a transition to facilities management.

Clients receive updates as frequently as they need.  During the design and construction of a project, financially significant alternatives will arise that would likely require the client’s attention and decision.  Knowing where the moving parts are inside the design and construction phases allows for great client communications and achievement of the project’s goals and objectives.

Lowering a project’s environmental footprint could be a client goal.  AWIN ENTERPRISES believes in sustainable practices and can offer to assist a clients’ efforts towards LEED Certification.  The earlier into a project we are involved, the more savings are likely to accrue from analyzed options.

We can act as a client’s single source for planning, design and construction services called the design-build method.  Increased efficiencies arise in communication, the coordination of material and contractors, and the administration of project finances.  This saves the client time on completion allowing the project to start operation with the intended materials for internal use or earn income from sale or leasing activities.