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At AWIN ENTERPRISES, one of the most critical preliminary site planning and successful site design strategies is to perform strong environmental studies that support development. The process will gather important land use data, community standards and expectations and allow us to evaluate the site for compatibility with the proposed project or use.

Environmental findings are essential to the understanding of how to sustainability integrate and incorporate different approaches into the site planning and design process. In addition to these findings, it is essential to understand the governmental impact on the site. AWIN ENTERPRISES will obtain and incorporate the entire design standards of the local city and state and the administrative requirements of the project, such as planning, zoning, fire, ADA, engineering and building permit requirements. This complete approach will lead to quicker implementation of the project.

Based on these factors, AWIN ENTERPRISES can plan for:

  • Pedestrians, considering equal access for everyone living with disabilities.
  • Traffic flow of the interactions between travelers (including pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and their vehicles) and building structure.
  • Parking design requirements for public and private buildings, structures, entrances.
  • Open spaces to be preserved for recreational or environmental purposes considering sun movement across the sky at the latitude of the open space.
  • Grading techniques to minimize erosion and maximize site stability.
  • Storm water management and sewage disposal methods to lower site impact.
  • Incorporation of sound environmental considerations into site design processes.
  • Green site design to promote strong water conservation.
  • Infrastructure brownfield redevelopment to manage and apply landscape ecology principles to the site design, preserve historic landscapes and effectively utilize vegetation.